Over at PMHQ we are keeping organised in 2019, and we are now ready to see the benefits of this.

We brought you a selection of journals that would help you keep on track this year. We also gave you 15 ways to use your habit tracker planner.

Now that you are fully in the swing of tracking your habits we want to let you know what benefits you can expect to reap.

Keep reading to find out 7 benefits of using a habit tracker.


This may be quite obvious. However, but by being so up in your own business you will improve your organisation skills.

You will be actively engaged with your daily routine and without even realising it, you will have much more emphasis and momentum on keeping yourself on track, that it won’t even feel like a chore to be so organised. 7 benefits of using a habit tracker

Promotes Honesty

No-one likes a liar, yet how often do we lie to ourselves. We promise we will do things, and then never make good on those promises. Using a habit tracker without being honest means it will not work.

So actively using a habit tracker in an effective manner will promote a level of honesty with yourself which will promote a better relationship with yourself.


Now bear with us, we are not just squeezing this buzzword in just for the sake of it. Engaging in your habit tracker and your behaviour, routine and daily activities in this manner is genuinely good for you. In a sense, it is another form of mindfulness.

You are actively encouraging yourself to focus on current experiences in a heightened manner. Thus using your habit tracker is another form of meditation and the best bit? It is all for your benefit!7 benefits of using a habit tracker

Eradicate Bad Habits

By tracking the habits that you want to encourage, you also get to see the ones you would like to reduce. Spending too much time on your phone, not answering your emails or haven’t put the hoover round?

Well, using your habit tracker will help you give yourself the proverbial kick you need to ensure that you eradicate the bad habits that you have accumulated in the course of the past couple of weeks and months.

Mental Health

Tracking habits in this way is a great way to boost your relationship with your mental health. You are watching and tracking your habits and in a sense seeing where you are struggling.

Being more aware of your mental state can only be a good thing. You will notice good parts and perhaps where you are struggling. Your habit tracker will be your guide and indicator of anything that requires attention.

Self Progression

You will never get such an in-depth chance to see how you are doing day on day. Using a habit tracker in this way will allow you to see how you are doing.

This is a comprehensive glimpse into your life, health and momentum. Embrace this opportunity to see how you are doing.7 benefits of using a habit tracker

Celebrate Success

Finally, probably the best benefit of using a habit tracker is that it allows you to see where you have succeeded. Allowing you to celebrate the way in which you have improved your habits, behaviour and motivation.

Give yourself a pat on the back, because you really do deserve it.

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7 benefits of habit trackers

7 benefits of habit trackers