We were very intrigued by this show as we were lead to our front row seat, as there were three runways with the onlookers closer to the collection. Certainly, our seat was close as many of the skirts whipped at our knees, allowing us to really experience Cassey’s idiosyncratic and dynamic approach.

Gan was inspired by Hockey, a British Art Legend, looking at his iPad series and polaroid collage series. You can see this approach in the way that the collection handles colour and print. Bold choices sit shoulder to shoulder but work effortlessly. The wearer of the pieces has a lot to say but does so in an eloquent manner.

The collection was made up of individual pieces that seemingly worked together. Each separate piece is designed to work with any other in the collection, allowing the wearer to build a completely unique look and wardrobe. This approach to fashion is fun and something we haven’t seen much of before.

There was plenty of flare with flowing structure in each and every silhouette, giving a fluid motion to the garments. This was bolstered by great bags and beautifully selected pieces of jewellery.

Talking about the collection Gan said that “Change is the only constant. Seasons, life and everything around us change all the time. As a result, we have to adapt and change accordingly. Bringing this into our designs, it is important for us to constantly evolve and constantly explore different techniques and materials to create something fresh every season. Innovation is key.” It is clear that innovation and the changing face of the world is a direct inspiration to Gan.

This was a unique and stand out show of the season, one that we certainly won’t forget anytime soon.

With thanks to the lovely team at POP PR.