Ashley Isham is a London favourite but had of recent been missing from the schedule. This season saw him back and better than ever. We were very excited to see what this eclectic and exciting designer had in store for us this season.

Hot summer days and even hotter nightclub nights were the energy of this collection. A thorough investment in bold prints, glitter, sequins, feathers and metallics brought this bricolage of fun and flirty pieces to life. Almost as visiting memories of past summers, there was a sense of modern nostalgia, with 70s tailoring redefined for a modern audience.

Isham is never knowingly underprepared, with all the garments we could ever need; Evening dress check, cocktail dresses, check, swimwear, check, sexy male models, check check check. This collection really had something for everyone.

Forget minimalism, there is a sense of freedom and flamboyance that wouldn’t work in so many other collections, yet this is Isham’s masterstroke. This more is more attitude is what gave this show such a great energy, and moreover made us want to own the collection.

Don’t worry if there is summer shower, as Isham has thought of everything; with tinsel fringed umbrellas, giving us cocktail umbrella vibes- make ours a sex on the beach.

There is no denying, that Isham’s collections are sexy, forget Ibiza, Ashley Isham’s Collection is our dream destination for next summer. Don’t forget your passport, boarding starts in SS19.