Driving for some people is just part of life, a way of getting from A to B. But your driving is also a reflection of your personality and beginning to pay attention to the way you drive can help you make positive changes in other aspects of your life. Let us take a look at six tips to help you drive and be better!

Your Driving Matters!

The way you drive has a direct impact on your vehicle. From increased fuel consumption to greater tyre wear and tear, not to mention the safety on the road of yourself, your passengers and others, driving carefully, paying attention to gear changes and increasing and decreasing speed smoothly amongst other things, all is directly affected by the way you handle your vehicle while on the road.

Speeding is Worse Than You Think!

Everyone knows that speeding can kill, but it can also be terribly harmful to your vehicle, even if you survive the experience unscathed – and uncaught by law enforcement! What you may not realise is that even if you are a good driver, understanding how a car works and changing gears fluidly, speeding can undo a lot of your good work. Driving at speed for any length of time rattles the vehicle, literally shaking small moving parts and increasing wear and tear and increasing the chance that you could suffer a sudden loss of function. Suddenly braking – as is often needed, when one is speeding! – can also ruin your tyres, as well as having an impact on the chassis and the rest of the vehicle.

Regular Servicing

Make sure you take your car for a service as required by the instruction manual or common sense! A service is an excellent change to spot the early signs of issues and prevent catastrophic failure on the road, literally saving lives.

Replace When Necessary!

Tyres have a distinct usage life, usually wearing down on the treads before anywhere else, and you must always replace your tyres as soon as it becomes necessary. Driving on bald or damaged tyres is dangerous, not only for you but for innocents on or near the road too. Talking about a local area like Essex, you can find an online tyre fitter near to you. Speaking of that, if you need a new set, book your tyres in Basildon – Jet Wheel Tyre has a variety suitable for all types of budget.

Balance and Align

Ensure your tyres are balanced and aligned properly with each fitting, and then checked at each service. These two simple acts can give you a much more comfortable ride as well as saving you fuel and vehicle repairs costs!

Buy the Best You Can Afford

When you are choosing tyres, opt for the best set that you can afford. The better the tyre, the safer on the road you will be – and very often, the better quality tyres last longer and better than budget offerings.

These six tips will keep you and your passengers safe and comfortable while on the road – so much so that you barely notice either your vehicle or your tyres at all! And that is just how it should be!