Going on a first date it pretty nerve wracking to say the least. Meeting someone for the first time and having that pressure to connect with them will never get easier. If you have been caught in some sticky dating situations in the past, now is your chance to leave those behind you. Whether you’re trying to work on your communication skills or simply feel more comfortable with people you don’t know, you can use this advice to your advantage.

1.Your Dating History

When you first meet someone, you don’t need to go into too much detail about your dating history. This includes previous relationships, experiences of using freechatlines numbers or speed dating. Unless it comes up and is very relevant to the subject you’re talking about it’s best to steer clear from your dating history at all costs. This is something you can discuss after a few more dates!

  1. Previous Marriages

This comes under the same umbrella as your dating history. If you’ve been married before, you might not want to go into too much detail when you first meet someone. This topic doesn’t have to be avoided altogether, especially if they ask you outright. Be honest and approach the topic sensitively.

  1. Kids

Having children is a very serious topic you might want to avoid until you’re further along in your relationship. Even if you’re desperate to have kids once day, your date probably doesn’t need to know this right now.

  1. Your Salary

Talking about how much money you earn is never cool on a first date. Whether you’re a millionaire or struggling to make ends meet, you don’t want people to like you because of your bank balance. Keep your cards close to your chest and allow this sort of conversation to come up at a later date.

  1. Their Bad Habits

If your date is being particularly annoying or has a bad habit, please do not tell them! Even if you’re the type of person to speak their mind no matter what, this will just make the entire situation super awkward. Try to stand it for as long as you can, even if it makes you want to leave right away. If they say something that is completely opposed to your way of thinking, then you can find a way to politely end the date.

  1. Your Future

When you’re in a relationship, it is completely normal to want to talk about your future. However, when you’re on a first date with someone, you don’t want to scare them away and give away all of your hopes and dreams. Play it cool and open up slowly but surely as your relationship progresses.

Avoiding all of these conversations at all costs will give you a huge advantage the next time you’re on a date. You should always try to be yourself; don’t hold back from talking about things that seem natural. However, you should always keep these things in mind and prevent the conversation from getting too deep too fast!