Winter has officially arrived. Over the last few weeks the temperatures have plummeted into minus figures and many of us are waking up in pitch blackness in the mornings. It’s understandable that you’d want to keep your pyjamas and fluffy slippers on for the whole season, because we would too. However, with the right clothes and warming accessories to keep you toasty AND fashionable, you’ve got the perfect reason jump out of bed and start the day.

A Chunky Jumper

The first piece which is perhaps the most obvious addition to your wardrobe in the winter is a chunky jumper or cardigan. On those days where you need to just throw something on quickly and run out of the door, there really isn’t a better choice than a jumper. You could choose something plain and pastel, a bright pop of colour like red or yellow- or maybe you want to get in that Christmas spirit early and wear a festive pattern. Whatever you choose, simply pairing a jumper with a pair of skinny jeans and ankle boots will make you look put together and ready to take on the world.

Fur Hooded Coat

Faux fur has been a lasting style in recent years, because it’s comfortable and incredibly versatile. Having a fur-hooded coat in your wardrobe is perfect for most winter outfits, and you will feel wrapped up like a burrito as you step out into the world. Don’t worry about feeling underdressed; comfort is key and you want to keep your neck and ears and warm as possible.

Chunky Knit Scarf

The scarf is a classic accessory which has the ability to transform the most boring of outfits into a stylish assemble. The addition of a chunky tartan scarf to your monochrome outfit can add that extra depth and colour which elevates the whole look to a different level. The plus side is that a scarf covers your neck completely and stops you from getting too cold. It’s a win-win.

Hat and Gloves

There is some debate on wearing hats and gloves and how it changes your outfit, but to be honest who cares? It’s better to have a toasty head and fingers than be freezing to death in the cold. The right hat and glove combination can provide the perfect accessory to your winter outfit, just make sure to try hats on in the shops to make sure they suit your head shape and size. Once you’ve found that perfect combination you’ll be stylish and warm for the whole winter. When you wear a hat, it is advisable to curl or wave your hair slightly to make it look voluminous and wild.

Leather Pieces

There is a reason why people have been using leather for centuries to warm their bodies and keep them protected. Leather is incredibly dense and insulates every part of the body. Wearing a stylish leather jacket over your knitted jumper and pairing it with leather bags and comfy leather boots will keep you warm, healthy and fashionable this winter.