These light summer evenings are something we could get used to. The days feel longer, we can do our makeup for the night in natural light and we don’t mind going to an evening spin class if we can still enjoy a walk through the park on the way home. Well, kinda.

Sadly, though, those summer nights won’t be around for much long, as the longest day of the year is well and truly behind us. But we’re onto it – here are five ways to keep that light summer feeling in your home as much as possible.

1 – Change up your bulbs 

It might not seem like a big deal, but the style of lighting you choose can completely transform your rooms. From bulky lamp shades to less-than-bright bulbs, it might be time to switch things up if you want more light when you switch them on.

If you don’t have many lights in your room, choose clean, barely-there shades that don’t block the light. Or, if you want to brighten the room more, consider adding a stylish floor lamp in any particularly dark corners.



2 – Choose light colours 

Just like wearing darker colours can make you look slimmer, painting a room in dark colours can make it look smaller. If you want your room to look as bright and open as possible, choose lighter colours for your walls, floors and furniture.

As well as making the room look bigger than it is, they’ll also reflect the light better and make everything seem bright.

3 – Let more light in

If you can’t add more lights to your room (or just don’t want a record electricity bill), find a way to get more of the outside light in. If you’re a homeowner, why not go all out and swap your old windows for some fancy trade bifold doors or add a rooftop window in the upper floor? You’ll be amazing at how much lighter your room will feel.

4 – Keep the clutter out 

Nothing makes a room feel more claustrophobic than a load of unnecessary. There’s a reason that minimalist rooms always look so bright and appealing, and that’s because they’ve been stripped of any noisy clutter.

Keeping your room clean and clearing out anything that no longer serves a purpose will instantly open up the room. Just a small declutter can make much better use of limited natural lighting and make a room feel much more spacious.


5 – Hang some mirrors 

If you’re still struggling to get more light into your room, never underestimate the power of hanging a few carefully placed mirrors. To get the best results, try a variety of shapes and sizes until you find a combination of mirrors that makes the most of the light without making the room feel cluttered.

The best places to position them are sideways on to the windows, so natural light can bounce off of them and open up the room. Don’t forget to place them at different heights, too, to lighten up the entire room.