Sleep is one of things that we hold closest to our hearts over at PMHQ. Getting enough sleep is essential if you want to be happy, healthy and productive – three things we all want to be.

With full work schedules and even fuller personal lives, we could all do with a better night’s sleep. But fear not – these our tried and tested methods that help us get our eight hours, and we think they’ll help you catch more shut eye too.

1. Ditch the caffeine

Now we will NEVER underestimate the power of coffee; however, trying to reduce your intake of caffeine is very beneficial. Studies suggest that caffeine lasts in your system for around 4-6 hours. Watch out for chocolate too, as caffeine occurs naturally in it. If, however, the tea/coffee still calls you then there are plenty of caffeine free options that taste the EXACT same – why not give them a go?

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2. Put down the phone 

It has been proven that the cool blue light your phone screen emits suppresses melatonin (just as the sun does) and keeps you awake. This is why we get tired when it gets dark and why winter is so rubbish. The easiest way to combat this is not to use your phone for a couple of hours before you go to sleep.

If you can’t break the habit – or just have a few more PlusMinus articles to catch up on – turn the brightness down on your screen. And while you’re there, turn on your phone’s ‘night shift’ too – this handy feature turns the colour spectrum of the screen from cool blues to warm yellow, which suppresses melatonin much less and helps you feel tired. You can also schedule this in your settings so that it does it for you!

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3. Read a book 

Not only will making time to read allow you to finally get stuck into that bestseller you picked up AGES ago, but it also helps you switch off at the end of the day. So forget all about that annoying email Karen from finance sent you and let yourself drift off in peace – you deserve it. 

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4. Take a hot bath

Similar to reading in its switching off ability, the way a bath warms up your body helps more than you think. As your body cools down, it helps you drift off to sleep quicker, so grab some salts and treat yourself.

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5. Use your iPhone’s bedtime feature 

This is one for the iPhone owners (sorry Android users!). In the latest iOS update, Apple added a new feature to the clock section. Say hello to the ‘Bedtime’ feature, which allows you to work out how much sleep you want, customise an alarm and track your sleep.

This new feature also allows you to form a routine with your sleep, allowing you to have a pattern that will teach your body to sleep better. There are also loads of sleep apps that you can try, but we’ve not yet tested them… watch this space.

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