If you’re on social media, then of late, you have no doubt heard all of the talk of ‘beating the algorithm’ or joining pods and engagement threads so the maximum amount of people see your content. And while having an understanding of the Facebook algorithm, that in turn affects Instagram too, is a good idea, you still need to be thinking about the content that you are creating. Regardless of algorithm, good content will always comes out on top.

So whether you’re on Instagram for work or for pleasure, if you want your following to grow, then the focus should be on creating the best content, not trying to get as many people to see some mediocre content. Better content will keep help people to stick around. Easier said than done, though, right? Here are some of the things you can be doing to step up your Instagram game.

Go For Simplicity

Learning to have an eye for photography really is a skill! In order to have some good-looking photos, then you need to train your eye to filter out any of the elements around the main focal point that distract and clutter the image. There are so many wonderful things around us that will look amazing on your feed. But you need to practice what looks good and keep things pretty simple. Less is more in photography.

Get Creative With Angles

If you are just using your phone to take your images for Instagram, then in many ways, you’re at an advantage. An iPhone is going to be much more flexible than a DSLR and allow you to experiment a little with the angles that you use. So get creative and point and shoot at different angles and ways to look at things.

Know The Basics of Editing

In order to get the most striking look of your image, then you need to learn a little about editing. You could look for some courses in photography nearby to you if you want to take it to the next level, or simply do some research online and watch video tutorials. Either way, learning some tricks of the trade, and the best things to do to edit your pictures is a must. Don’t go for anything too dark, but equally, overexposure can ruin an image. Learn to use your flash, if at all, and it will help you when you edit your images.

Use Colour and Symmetry

To make the most of your images, look for a running theme within them. So that when someone looks at your feed as a whole, it will look much more striking than just the image alone. You could look for images with a certain hue or colour, as well as use symmetry in your images, especially if you’re capturing architecture or landscapes.

Tell a Story

Overall, the thing that the most successful Instagrammers do is tell stories, as well as take amazing pictures. So having something to say to go alongside your images, and keep that running through your feed.