As much as we wouldn’t swap our cosy London apartments for anything, there are some things we miss from time to time: Having a living room you can actually move in, not having to carry our heavy piles of shopping up three flights of stairs, and having a garden to escape to.

While you’re going to have a hard time finding solutions for the first two, the third isn’t so unrealistic. You may not be able to find a London flat with a nice garden to look out at – but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the garden inside.

Here are five steps to creating an indoor garden and adding some green to your home, no matter how small it is.

1 – Decide what kind of indoor garden you want to grow

Before you can start planning your natural masterpiece, you’ll need to have an idea of what the finished product will look like. There are lots of different types of indoor gardens, and choosing one that suits both your space and lifestyle is key.

If you love cooking, why not try growing herbs in an indoor herb garden? If you’re more likely to order a takeaway than pull out a chopping knife, why not create an ornamental Japanese garden? Or if you’re really limited for space, why not try an indoor vertical wall garden?

creating an indoor garden

2 – Find a space

If you want to make an indoor garden, you’re going to need somewhere to build it!

We know being practical is kinda boring, but choosing your space wisely will save a lot of aggro in the future. Doorways and entrances may seem like a cute idea, but we guarantee you’ll quickly get fed up and throw the whole thing out when every other visitor knocks your new creation over.

Think of somewhere that’s easily visible (because you want to see it, after all!) but won’t be in the way. That’s the spot.

3 – Gather inspiration

Whether it’s a saved collection on Instagram or a new board on Pinterest, gather some ideas for how you want your indoor garden to look. This is the fun part, so don’t hold back!

how to create an indoor garden

4 – Get the gear

While an indoor garden won’t require a rain jacket, wellies or other weather protection, you’ll still need a few basic tools to get started and make your gardening a success.

Aside from the pots, plants and anything else you plan to grow, you’ll want to pick up some basic gardening tools such a hand fork, transplanter and indoor watering can. You’ll also want to pick up some gloves for *not* getting your hands dirty!


5 – Go forth and garden!

Now you’ve got the gear and the ideas, it’s time to make your indoor garden come to life!

Remember, as with anything worth creating, it takes time and will be a work in progress. Rome wasn’t built in a day and it’s unlikely your indoor garden will be either. But watching it bloom – and switching it up as and when you like – is all part of the fun of having an indoor garden.