The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. You fall asleep and wake up there every single day and if you hate the decor, you start each day in a bad mood before you’ve even got out of bed.

People often think it’s simple to decorate a bedroom because there are only a couple of pieces of furniture in there but the truth is, it can be difficult to get right. If you want to get the perfect bedroom, you need to nail these five key elements.

The Bed

It’s no secret that an amazing bed is the first thing to consider when designing a bedroom – the clue is in the name. Yet people still don’t put enough thought into it a lot of the time. When you’re choosing a mattress for your bed there are way more to pick from than you realise and the right one will vary from person to person. For example, if you sit over a laptop all day, you might want to look at the best mattresses for back pain. Choose Mattress has a great comparison of some of the best ones on the market to help you get your head around them all. Beyond that, you need to decide how thick you want it to be. It’s always best to go into a store and try them out rather than buying them online.

When you’re picking the frame of the bed, you need to bear in mind that this is going to be the focal point of the room. The decisions that you make now are going to dictate the design of the entire room.

The bedding is also overlooked most of the time but if you choose a design that doesn’t fit with the rest of the decor, you’ll end up ruining the room.


The bed is the central feature of the room and the nightstands are going to be the other main pieces of furniture. You need to think practically first; what are you going to use the nightstands for? This will help you to decide how much storage etc. you need in there. Having said that, it’s still important that they match the rest of the decor. It’s also important that you don’t make them too big, otherwise, you eat up all of the space on either side of the bed.

Relaxing Color Palette

The bedroom is first and foremost for sleeping and the decor needs to reflect that. Feel free to paint your room in bright garish colors but you aren’t going to be able to sleep properly in there. Steer clear of anything too bold, and don’t go for reds and yellows. Instead, you should be going for softer, neutral shades like grays, creams and whites. If you are dead set on introducing something a bit brighter, just use it to accent the other colors and keep the majority of the walls in something lighter to balance it. You can also use pillows and bedspreads as a way to introduce bright colors without it becoming too overpowering.

A Good Rug

Introducing multiple textures into your bedroom is often difficult because you’re working with limited space. The bed takes up the lion’s share of the room and there isn’t that much room left for anything else. Whether you’ve got hardwood flooring or carpets in there, breaking it up a bit with a rug is a great way to get another texture and some more color in there. This is especially important in a room with hardwood floors in there because during the winter it’s horrible to step out of bed onto a freezing cold floor.

A nice thick rug will make the room cosier and make mornings much easier. When you’re choosing a rug, getting the size right is one of the most important things. If it’s too small it’ll look like you’ve just got a small bathmat in the middle of the room. However, if it’s too big, it’ll look like you’ve got a carpet in there with messy borders.


Lighting is the one thing that can completely transform a room in seconds. Depending on the function of the room, you need to adjust your lighting to create an appropriate mood. If you have very bright white lighting, that would be perfect for an office where you need to concentrate but for a bedroom, it’s all wrong. You need soft lighting in there that will help you to relax before bed, and don’t forget about reading lights.

Get these five things right and you’ll be on your way to the perfect bedroom in no time!