When moving to a new apartment or house, and trying to create a style that suits your current business position, you might want to find trends that are not going to go away soon. There are some interior design and decoration methods that offer a sophisticated look with attention to detail, and will not break the bank, either. Find out more about them below.

Add a Corner Stand or Bar

A corner stand with a few glasses and bottles will make your reception room look like an executive lounge immediately. Choose a contemporary or antique: a bar or corner stand allowing you to offer drinks to your visitors, maybe a mobile ice machine will show that you are prepared to talk business any time, and have the hospitality skills of successful businessmen. If you often have parties at your house, you could set up your own corner bar in the living room, too.

Wall Plaque

To display your professional qualifications, use your feature wall to create a montage of your certificates, plaques, awards, and other achievements. You want to look professional and show off your success, to be taken seriously in business and private life, as well. Don’t overdo the display, and make sure it doesn’t draw too much attention immediately, when people enter the room.

Authentic Clocks

Wall clocks and time pieces have been popular for centuries, and they are here to stay. Search for Dutch Time Pieces that suit your interior, the style of the room, and fit perfectly in your room. There is something sophisticated about having a quality clock in the room that represents the attention to details and craftsmanship.


Real plants are essential for all executive offices, and they should be present in your home, as well. Get a large yucca tree in the corner, or some tropical orange or lemon trees in a stylish pot, so you can show off the space available, and add some greenery to the room. Plants can enhance the look of any room, but you need to make sure that they are well looked after and look healthy, or they deliver the opposite message.

Paintings that Inspire and Take You Back In Time

Paintings can improve your status, even if they are replicas. If you have family paintings that you can display, do that. If not, try to research local galleries, sponsor a contemporary artist, and buy their art that represents your personality, goals, and vision of the future. To choose the right art for your home, you need to consider the size, the material, colors, and the artist. You might want to be able to tell stories about the picture when your visitors notice it and ask you how you acquired it.

The looks of your home are just as important as the interior design of your office, once you are at the executive level. Make sure that you show off your skills, personality, motivation, and values whenever you invite business partners and colleagues in your home. Use timeless pieces and evergreen design ideas to create a look you can be proud of.