Have you ever looked at the lifestyle of a freelancer and wondered how to go about getting a life like that for yourself? It might come as a surprise that it is easier to achieve than you think. If this is the direction you want to go in, here are some skills that can make the jump to freelancing

Communication Skills

If you are remote working, whether it is from your sofa or a beach in Spain, you need to be able to communicate your thoughts to potential clients. Having good communication skills can make or break any job but it is very important if you are limited by written communication. You don’t need to have a qualification in advanced English but you do need to have some basic skills.


If you decide to be your own boss, you need to be able to organise yourself. Many people fail at the digital nomad lifestyle because they can’t keep themselves in check when it comes to meeting deadlines. This is partially because everyone thinks that nomads and freelancers float around waiting for a quick job that pays loads to land in their laps. There can be a lot to do when you are a freelancer, but it is not impossible to stay on track. You may need to start off small  and build up your business so that you don’t get snowed under with work that you can’t keep up with.

Legal Skills

This is another skill that you don’t need to have a qualification in, but some basic knowledge can be very helpful. This is especially true if you plan on travelling the world and working. You may need to speak to a uk immigration solicitor for some basic facts about your rights to work and travel. But if you do have a qualification, there is plenty of potential to travel and provide legal help to people.


One of the top skills that you will need as a freelancer is the ability to research. This can be the difference between a plane ticket to Bali and a train ticket home. Being able to research means that you will always be able to find work, you can find the best ways to travel, you can find information needed to complete a project; in fact the list is endless! If you can research something efficiently, you can find solutions quicker. This can make all aspects of your life easier for years to come after you have given up your nomad lifestyle.


If you want to be a freelancer or become a nomad, you have to be dedicated. When the going gets tough in the first few months, most people will give up and go back to their previous life. And that is ok. But if you can gather yourself and push through, you will find yourself in a world of opportunity to travel and have freedom from the usual working grind.