Sometimes the perils of being in a big city can make you feel like you constantly need to be doing something or be somewhere.

Here at PlusMinus HQ, we know what it’s like to be all work and no play so we’ve compiled some of our favourite self-care tips to ease you through London life…

1. Take Yourself For A Walk

Going for a walk may sound fairly simple but it’s a great way to relieve stress, get some fresh air and explore your local area. There is beauty in just being, slowing down and taking in the world around you. One of our favourite places to go for a stroll is Battersea Park, you may just come across a temple on your ventures and wonder if you’re in London at all…

2. Declutter

Just how much stuff around do you actually need and actually use? Are you always saving that outfit for a special occasion that hasn’t happened? Or perhaps you hoard receipts and other items in your bag.

There is no way to feel more at ease by getting rid of things you don’t need. Donate old clothes to charity, think about how many ‘things’ you actually need to get by and slowly declutter one by one. This doesn’t have to be all about material possessions either; sometimes deleting unwanted apps on your phone can help put your mind at ease too.

3. Give Yourself A Home Spa

A face mask can be made from some of the food you eat for breakfast, so why not get creative in the kitchen afterwards. Oats can be so simple after all. Treating yourself doesn’t have to cost you the world and often drugstore own-brand products are as good as the big names. We love the Superdrug face and hair mask range – Features Editor, Charlotte, swears by the self-heating face masks and Argan oil hair treatments as part of her ‘Sunday self-care routine’.


4. Unplug

Although you may be reading this on a screen now, it’s important to unplug yourself. Putting your phone on silent, turning off your laptop and simply just unwinding is a great way to help you clear your mind and gather your thoughts. We recommend apps like Calm and Rainy Mood if you need audio stimulation. ?

Self-care isn’t something you mark off a checklist; it’s something you implement into your life to ease stresses and make yourself a better you. What are some of your favourite ways to relieve stress?