It may be nearing the end of February, but that can only mean Spring is on its way with the precious bank holidays in tow.

Perhaps you haven’t thought about your holiday plans yet, but here at Plus Minus, we’re coveting these 5 gorgeous lake destinations thoughout Europe this year. With less than 3 hours flying time from London and around the UK, you could be rowing at dusk instead of rowing with your boss.

Lake Como, Italy (Near Milan)

Oh Milan…

Only an hour away from the fashion capital of the world, Milan, Lake Como is home to some of Italy’s wealthiest citizens. Whilst your RyanAir flight to nearby Milan Malpensa airport may not be the epitome of luxury, visiting in off-peak months will mean you will have the luxury of roaming around without all the crowds. We recommend visiting the Villa Carlotta which is home to over 70,000 square metres of museums and gardens

But don’t forget to try some lavarello which is caught fresh daily from the lake and typically served in a seafood risotto. You had us at risotto… 

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled is one of those destinations that is not widely documented when it comes to European lake destinations, but it picture perfect nonetheless. It’ll leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised with its postcard perfect scenery and its even more breathtaking in winter. We’d recommend you take a ride in a pletna boat and walking around the lake to renew your perspective on life. Who says you need to spend all your money to have a good time? 


Lake Garda, Italy

Near the old town of Verona, Lake Garda is another Italian lake (and the largest freshwater one) you must visit. You can reach this part of Italy from flying into nearby Verona airport and catching a train through the scenic Italian countryside which is great for you adventurous types. North-East Italy is home to those hilly trekking paths but if you want to take things easy you’ll be able to try some delicious wines. We’re guessing Dry January is over for another year anyway…


If you’re visiting this part of Italy, we’d recommend visiting Venice, Verona and then Lake Garda as they’re all an hour apart from each other. Not only that, Italian public transport is incredibly cheap and each train ticket won’t cost more than €14. Why not tick more off your bucket list? 

Lake Hévíz, Hungary

Lake Hévíz is the furthest lake away from London on our list, but not far on natural beauty in the slightest. It is famed on being the biggest geothermal lake which has a wonder of benefits for the skin. Whilst you may not be used to the waterlilies that populate the lake, you may love the very affordable spa in the middle. With 50 min massages from £15, you’ll soon forget all the stresses from life in the UK…

Lake Vänern, Sweden

Oh Sweden, the quintessential lake destination and we couldn’t finish this list without mentioning one of our favourites, Lake Vänern. It is the largest lake in Europe and its not short on things to do either, there is something for everyone whether you’re going with friends or family. If you can’t decide where to eat though, Restaurant Långberget offers views for miles; book a table for sunset for those Instagram-worthy photos.

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