Working with computers can make your life easier in many ways, and yet a large number of people leave that potential largely underutilised. You have various tools at your disposal to reduce your workload. And while most of them have an initial learning barrier that you’ll have to overcome, it’s often well worth it in the long run. If a lot of your work is done in front of a computer, it might be worth investigating some areas that can potentially be automated.

Automated Communication

Do you talk with people a lot? Working in marketing and related fields often introduces a significant communicational workload. If you don’t know the definition of Marketing Automation, maybe it’s time to familiarise yourself with it. You shouldn’t be wasting your time writing the same e-mail over and over again, when you know exactly who should get it and at what time well in advance. There are many ways to streamline the way you talk to others, including even AI-assisted instant messaging. Combine that with some professional writing and other types of content, and you have a winning formula.

Batch Processing

Many types of work involve dealing with some sort of data in bulk. Whether you’re processing photos, marketing data, sound clips or anything else, you should always look into the option to process things in large batches. This functionality often comes built into the most popular tools on the market – such as Photoshop and Outlook – so look at what you have available in your toolset.

Data Analysis

Data is all around us, and every business uses it in one way or another. In fact, some say that data is quickly becoming the main resource of the future, and that’s probably not an exaggeration. You need to look into ways to automate the processing of the information you work with. Automated data analysis is becoming easier and more accessible every day, and with more people getting into machine learning than ever before according to Wikipedia, we’re likely going to see some huge advances not too long from now.


Testing often gets underestimated, but that’s a huge mistake in some areas. Running a proper set of tests can help eliminate many errors, especially in situations of continuous development cycles. Unfortunately, testing is also quite time-consuming and prone to human error itself (somewhat ironically). That’s why testing automation has been gaining such strong popularity lately. If you want to automate the quality control of your processes, you should have access to plenty of tools and information for that.


Last but not least, this is one of the most critical aspects of any business. Keeping backups is essential for the survival of any company, but it’s also a time-consuming process. Especially if you have many databases and other sources of information that need to be covered. The good news is that this can be largely automated nowadays, with various specialised tools that can get the job done without any user interaction.

You should always be on the lookout for opportunities to automate your work. As this becomes easier and more accessible, everyone is going to start doing it sooner or later. And getting left behind in this particular race is a death sentence for any business.