Here at PlusMinus, we live and breathe fashion. Yes, we like to keep ourselves up to date with all of the chops and changes in the world of fashion and welcome them into our own stylish lives.

We study what Gigi Hadid wears on a daily basis, we wait on tenterhooks to see new collections from our famous designers, and we scour the shops to see what’s hot and what’s not. However, your outfit doesn’t finish when you pop on your new culottes and floaty blouse. You also have to think about your shoes.

Need a little help? These are the 5 footwear trends you need to know about right now.

Let’s take a bow for the bow

Although you may have left your giant bows in the ‘90s, it seems as though it’s now time to get them back out of the attic and attach them to your shoes – because bow shoes are back in! Yes, you may have noticed that some of your favorite celebs are now stepping out onto the red carpet with a little addition to their footwear. We’re talking about bows on your kitten heels, your flats, your stilettos, and even your boots. It doesn’t matter if the bow is on the front or the back of the show, as long as the bow is there to be seen…

Take a walk on the wild side

We have seen some of the coolest AW18 designs rock the runway at fashion weeks across the world, and it’s now time to put these new fashion trends to the test. One of the most prominent footwear trends we took away from these events was that this season is all about taking a walk on the wild side. Animal prints are going to be huge this year, and you might be happy to know it’s not all about the classic leopard print. No, get your faux on with zebra print, crocodile print, snakeskin and more.

Brown is the new black

In 2018, brown has reigned supreme. We have bought way more brown clothes and accessories than we care to admit, and it seems as though this trend is just going to continue through the AW18 period. Yes, the footwear world is currently proving that brown really is the new black as designers such as Fendi and Chloé have put brown shoes at the forefront of their designs. Become the definition of boho-chic with your brown boots, mules, loafers, and every other brown shoe you can get your hands on.

These boots were made for walking

A classic boot is perfect for the autumn and winter months, but it’s important to know which kind of boot is ‘in’ and which kind of boot is ‘out.’ This year, it’s all about the Wild West and proving that these boots really were made for walking. Designers such as Isabel Marant and Tibi are all over these sleek cowboy boots this season, and have altered them to be smoother at the front, and more flattering to the female form. What more could you want?

We’re bringing retro back

2018 is the era of nostalgia, and designers seem to be going back in time to bring back authentic ‘90s designs. In terms of footwear, were currently bringing retro back with oversized dad sneakers that are bouncy, colourful, and downright outrageous. The garishness monitor goes out of the window when it comes to these shoes because it’s all about making a statement. Yes, even designers such as Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, Stella McCartney, and Balenciaga have got their feet on this footwear trend.

Keeping up to date with the latest fashion trends is just a part of everyday life for us here, and we love to keep you guys in the loop too. How do you feel about these new footwear trends? Are you loving them? Are you hating them? Let us know in the comments!