Who said cartoons were just for kids?

Over the years, there has been a rise in the number of cartoons reserved solely for us adults, such as Rick and Morty and the classic South Park. As the nights get longer, here are 5 of the best adult cartoons to snuggle up to.


Let’s face it, we couldn’t start the list off without mentioning the all-time favourite, Simpsons. This cartoon series ultimately changed television as we once knew it.

From musical episodes to ones based on Planet of the Apes, there aren’t many topics that haven’t been covered by The Simpsons.

And the great thing is, it’s often on at teatime, so the kids can watch it too with those snippets of adult humour going straight over the tops of their heads (which almost makes it funnier for you).

Rick and Morty

This animated series follows the lives of a grandfather, who’s also a super scientist, and his grandson, who’s not so bright.

A spin-off from Adult Swim, Rick and Morty also found itself at the middle of a scandal surrounding Szechuan sauce.

Don’t know what we’re talking about?

Then you’ll need to watch the first three seasons to see what all the fuss is about.

South Park

With 20 seasons in the bag, this is another popular and long-running show, and it’s not hard to see why.

Its success is due to the fact it has evolved brilliantly over time. It started out with ample jokes about farts and dicks, looking at the day-to-day dilemmas of four third graders and has now moved on to discuss hot topics from sex education and politics to stem-cell research.

In fact, the producers are so committed to the show being topical that episodes have sometimes being finished just hours before they’re due to go live.


First broadcast in 2009, this is another series that’s still going strong.


Because it effortlessly combines the secret agent topics that have dominated our screens for decades with uncomfortable jokes that have you squirming (and howling) in your seat.

This Casanova is as narcissistic as they come, not realising that everyone else is laughing at him at every opportunity.

Big Mouth

A new one to burst onto our screens, Big Mouth revisits those days many of us would like to forget – adolescence.

A Netflix original series, it was inspired by Andrew Goldberg and Nick Kroll, the creators, who spent their teenage years trying to navigate life in the Big Apple. For that reason, this cartoon doesn’t try to sugar coat the awkwardness and embarrassment of puberty – in fact, it dives right in there.

That said, it also touches on some more sentimental, sweet and smart aspects that tend to be avoided by humorous cartoons.

So grab a bag of popcorn, a bottle of Prosecco and your bestie – it’s time to add some adult-friendly animation to your Friday night.