Tightened belts that cinch in the waist are, in the fashion world, a beauty to behold. Tightening the belts around your wallet? Not so pretty. Especially when you find yourself with your face pressed up against the window, staring at those new Choo’s with dribble making its way down your chin. Bank accounts tend to take a proper hit when it comes to Christmas, and everyone knows that January is a month of recovery financially. Staying fashion influencer when you’re still living on Ramen and toast isn’t always the easiest, but it can be done.

The assumption is always made that the ticket to great style and class is in your purse, however, despite those excellent credit card reviews enticing you from the laptop, you can still look incredible and unique on a budget. No one wants to have to pull in the purse strings and tell themselves no when it comes to buying something new that makes them feel beautiful, but it’s got to be done if you hope to get to Spring with some kind of cash left! Girl, we know you are on a budget, and that’s why we’ve got some essential tips to keep you in the black while you hunt for that red dress to end all dresses!

  • Resale sites are a place of beauty for the fashionista on a budget. eBay and Depop are two of the best resale sites, but you have to make your searches specific when it comes to finding that in-store item that you fell in love with. You can often find them cheaper online, so dig deep through the web and don’t give up.
  • Find yourself a heck of a seamstress and have items that you buy in the sales altered to fit you. If you’re already a dab hand with a sewing machine, alter them yourself and make your new outfit totally unique to you. Buying an outfit that you love a size or two bigger need never be a problem again when you realise you can just have it altered.
  • Adding a slip under your dresses can make a huge difference to the overall look, and cheaper fabrics have the tendency to cling to every part of you, making them hang wrongly. Cheaper dresses tend not to be lined, and you have to consider this when you buy. If you add a slip under your clothes, you instantly fix the issue.
  • If you have friends with the same passion for fashion that you have, and you’re all relatively the same size, why not have a night in with a bottle of wine and hold a clothes swap? You could all replenish and refresh your wardrobes easily and it doesn’t have to cost you a thing.

Being on trend in the modern world is relative; being comfortable with your unique look is essential. Don’t bow to the pressures of the stores you love when your purse says no; just get creative instead. It’s amazing what you can find!