Unemployment sucks. It’s rare that anyone chooses to be unemployed, which often makes the situation even worse. You start feeling lazy, which leads to negative thoughts in your mind. Every day that your unemployed will drag on and make you feel worse. 

Consequently, you need to try and keep yourself occupied when you don’t have a job. Do these things every day, and you will find unemployment easier to handle and easier to get out of as well. 

Wake up early

Don’t stay in bed until noon every single day. It seems like a good idea, but it just gets your mind into that lazy state where the dark thoughts start to manifest. Instead, make yourself busy and wake up early. Pretend that you are going to work – get up, shower, have breakfast, get dressed. This instantly puts you in a better frame of mind and means you’re ready to attack the day and complete the rest of your tasks. 

Search for jobs

After breakfast, start your search for jobs. You won’t magically find a job unless you actively search for one. Thankfully, looking for jobs online is easy. There are plenty of websites you can use, so spend a good few hours going through them all. If you find any jobs that appeal to you, then apply for them. Presumably, you have a CV ready-made; if not, then that’s another task for you to undertake. The more you search, the more chance there is of you getting a job offer – it’s as simple as that. Put a lot of effort into this. In some ways, this is basically your ‘job’ when you’re unemployed. 

Work on a skill

Continue to develop your skills when you’re out of work. I’m not going to tell you what to work on as we all have strengths and weaknesses that are personal to us. If you’ve always struggled with your communication skills, then spend a couple of hours working on this until you feel like you’ve improved. Skill development can be done in many ways. You can use apps or YouTube videos, or you could even take online courses to improve skills and gain extra qualifications.


Be sure to set aside an hour or so each day to exercise. This is so beneficial for your body, but also for your mental health. The act of exercising can make you feel good about yourself. Additionally, it distracts your mind from any negative thoughts you’ve been having. Going for a run or a long walk is amazing if you want to clear your head. Exercise also stops you from sitting around doing nothing. It takes up valuable minutes in your day, making it feel like you’ve actually accomplished something. 

Ultimately, that’s the whole aim: make yourself feel a sense of accomplishment every day. Being unemployed means it’s easy to feel worthless and lazy. Don’t let those thoughts enter your head! With these tips, you can add more structure to your days and do things that will benefit you.