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Your home office should be a hive of creativity and productivity. This space should support you to reach your full potential and help you to achieve your goals. Many though are working in office spaces that are drab and dull, which is actually decreasing productivity and having a drain on your mental health. By changing a few aspects in your home office, like the colours on the walls or with furniture placement, you can create a calming and brain boosting environment that will benefit you so much more in the long run.

Certain colours have been proven to improve productivity, however different colours can have varying effects on the type of work that you do. By being mindful of choosing the correct colours for your home office, you will notice a rise in your personal drive and focus. Here are 4 encouraging colours perfect for your home office…


Loaf - Quill Desk

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Stable and calming, blue is an excellent colour to stimulate work effectiveness. This soothing tone helps you to hold focus on a task for long periods of time. Paint the entire office with blue, and then add hints of darker blue tones and whites throughout the furniture and accessories.


Cult Furniture Ellington Office Chair In Cashmere - Soft Green

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If you often have to work long hours in your home office, green is the perfect choice because it does not cause eye fatigue. Green is also known for it’s calming properties, helping you to stay relaxed whilst meeting those ever-looming deadlines. Choose this tone for a feature wall, as quirky tiled flooring or by adding green furniture for a subtle accent throughout the space. Adding natural greenery is also a great way to introduce a calming touch to the room, whilst absorbing the positive benefits from house plants.


Wild & Wolfe - Wild Wood Task Lamp, English Mustard

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Yellow is known to have an optimistic effect and can help stimulate creativity. This colour is great for brewing those golden ideas and can get you feeling inspired and excited about your work. Though used too much, yellow has been known to cause anxiety. To get the full benefits from this tone, add yellow hints in the furniture, office accessories and in positive prints on the walls.


Lime Lace - Myosotis Grande Magnetic Notice Board

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Though red is not everyone’s cup of tea, it is a powerful colour that stimulates the pulse and can raise blood pressure. Studies have shown that red can help increase a worker’s performance greatly, igniting emotion and passion. Known to draw attention, choose this colour for large notice boards or for your note books. Avoid using this colour too much though, as it can begin to feel over-powering.


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Colours to avoid


Though grey has been a stable in many homes of recent years, this colour is known to lack energy. Whilst this tone is neutral, it can be suppressive and actually prepares people for hibernation. Heavy use of gray can lead to a lack of confidence and even depression. If used in an office setting, small amounts should be added and offset by a brighter colour.


This is a controversial colour as most people are reported as feeling calm whenever they’re in a room painted purple. However, purple is also a colour that is associated with love and romantic feelings. Romance in a workspace will kill your productivity because of your failure to focus on work, whilst day dreaming about the one.

Bright White

Though you will have a wealth of natural light flowing easily through the space, pure white reflects the light so much so, that it can create glare that causes eyestrain and headaches. Team white with another tone for a two-tone look, minus the migraines!