After what feels like an eternity of being stuck in the office, having the chance to take a break somewhere hot and sunny can be just what the doctor ordered. However, while the vast majority of our trips abroad go perfectly to plan, some of us do face the occasional issue.

Problems before you leave the country

These might be the headache of flight delays or even dreaded cancellations, for example. In that situation, you may be entitled to compensation and a company like Flightright could certainly assist in that regard. Established in 2010 to help passengers understand and exercise their rights when it comes to problems with air travel, Flightright has created a page on Easyjet delays to explain how passengers affected by issues with that airline could be entitled to up to €600 in compensation when a flight is three hours late, cancelled or overbooked. The site advises that there are just a few steps to follow, which include confirming the reason for the delay and collecting proof. But what if issues actually emerge once you reach your dream destination? Here we take a look at four problems which can come to light during holidays, as well as the steps you can take to tackle them.

1. Falling ill

Sadly it is not uncommon for people to develop symptoms of illness during their breaks and the issue can have a major impact on the overall enjoyment of a holiday. As Thomas Cook outlines if you start to suffer from sickness a good first step is to tell your rep and get some advice on where you may be able to get treatment. You should also keep track of your experience in general, as there may be scope for you to make a claim on travel insurance or even seek legal advice further down the line.

2. Lost luggage

While it makes sense to travel in comfy clothing like jogging bottoms and a loose T-shirt, you don’t want to be stuck in them for the entire holiday. However, people face that prospect when their precious suitcases go missing. According to Citizens Advice, you have the right to claim for compensation if your checked-in luggage has been lost or delayed. The body also advises that you should report the issue immediately and bear in mind that you have to make a claim within a week of a flight.

3. Misplaced money

It is hard to think of anything worse than misplacing your money or having cash stolen while you are away, but this can and does happen. You should report any stolen belongings to local police and your reps as soon as possible and while the issue might be covered by travel insurance it is worth checking the small print to ensure that is the case. Depending on what has been lost, you may also need to consider contacting your bank to potentially cancel your cards.

4. Lost passport

Although we all do everything we can to keep our most precious travel documents safe, problems can sadly arise. Losing a passport can be very stressful, but there are of course steps you can take on the issue. For instance, if you’re British you may be able to apply for an emergency travel document which will ensure you can travel home even though your passport has gone walkabout.

Don’t worry

The vast majority of holidays go completely without a hitch and turn out to be perfect for getting rest and recharging your batteries. However, if things do go wrong, rest assured that there are always steps you can take to challenge such issues.