Food is officially a hot reason for travelling, with around 61% of millennials in the UK seeking inspiration for their travels from inspiring food pics from all over the world. Across the globe, travellers are hopping on planes to experience the rich culinary diversity of a plethora of countries – everywhere from  France to Hanoi, Cebu to Peru.

If you have already booked your next holiday, be on alert for the following food trends, which are weaved with one common thread: the important connection between your health and wellbeing, and the foods you enjoy.

#1 Gourmet tapas

If you thought tapas comprised a small list of typical Spanish delights such as the ensaladilla rusa or boquerones, head to El Barri: the latest project by Michelin-starred Chef Albert Adrià (brother of ‘father of molecular cuisine’ Ferran Adrià), comprising six different restaurants in one single neighbourhood.

Many of these restaurants focus on haute cuisine taps, dreamed up by one of Spain’s most respected chefs. One of these venues, Bodega 1900, serves artistic tapas such as the Spherical Olives (deconstructed, rebuilt olives), sobrasada, chorizo spread-filled squid, and Scotch Eggs topped with fried Iberian ham.

#2 Probiotic magic

We have heard about probiotics for years on glam sites like Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP but it is quite amazing to see restaurants serving entire menus focused on probiotics, which are proven aid in immune function, weight management, and even better mental health. Healthy menus are popping up in establishments such as Farm & Craft in Arizona, which has a dedicated ‘Wellness Menu’.

Owner Ryan Hibbert notes, “The Wellness Menu will focus on four main topics for optimal health: increasing your daily probiotic intake, boosting your immune system, reducing your stress level and enhancing an antioxidant diet.” If you thought ‘healthy’ was tantamount to boring, tantalise your taste buds with dishes a chilled raw Pad Thai, a Kale Caesar salad, or a refreshing Kombucha cocktail!

#3 Hawaiian food

If you have seen poke bowls popping up in your favourite London restaurant, then you have already had the first bite of a major health food trend that celebrates the colour and flavour of Hawaii. Typical bowls blend various ingredients such as raw marinate fish (usually tuna), sticky white rice, vegetables, and umami-rich sauces. These bowls are filling, fresh, and delightful. They are bound to be a big hit with the whole family, especially since you can usually choose from a variety of different bowls.

#4 Plant-based cuisine

The world is getting greener thanks to the tireless work of chefs like Alain Ducasse, Bruno Loubet, and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, who warn diners of the major environmental impact of the meat, dairy, and fish industries. Café Gratitude in L.A. often tops the lists of best vegan restaurants, owing to its bevy of plant-based dishes that make it easy to forget meat existed! Tuck into a hearty Feliz Three Sisters tostada, with black bean purée, braised butternut squash, corn, mushroom carnitas, avocado, a pineapple pico de gallo and so much more!

Beyond Sushi in Manhattan, meanwhile, serves up plant-based sushi that is as impactful on the eye as it is pleasing to the stomach. Finally, The Acorn in Vancouver dazzles diners with artistically presented dishes that celebrate the wonder of simple, organic, zero kilometre food.

From probiotics to poke, world traditions are making their way across the globe, with health and flavour going hand in hand as they were meant to. If you are on a gourmet holiday, make sure to try these and other trends, opting for dishes and tapas whose main focus is on quality of produce. When ingredients are healthy, you really can’t go wrong and if you add a bit of artistry into the equation, a meal becomes an experience to be remembered.