Is it just us or do spots, blemishes and red patches seem to pop up at the worst of times?

That seems to be even more true in the summer – aka the time when you want your skin to really look its best. If you just went “mmhmm” and are sick of feeling like your skin is working against you, this post is for you. If you’re ready for your best summer skin yet, read on!

Easy tips for better skin

1 – Master the base

It’s no surprise that foundation is the main product that’s going to help you improve the appearance of your skin. By learning to perfect your base, you’ll make it so much easier to achieve the skin tone you want. The way you use foundation can make or break the look of your skin, so start honing your skills!

Spend some time shopping around for a color that meshes perfectly – or near enough – with your natural skin tone. Keep your skin clear and moisturised so that it’s always ready for a layer of foundation. Learn to blend it well around your T-zone and eyes, and dab it sparingly over pimples or other blemishes. We love finishing with a translucent powder, such as no color powder, which is much more subtle and gentle than luminous matte products. 

2 – Focus on your cleanser

It may sound a little backwards, but if you have naturally dry skin, the face wash you use can often be much more important than your moisturizer. Non-soap cleansers are ideal, as these help to replenish the moisture barrier in the skin.

The right cleanser can help you avoid eczema, psoriasis, and further dryness, as an alternative to simply treating these kinds of issues as and when they come up. Having said that, you should still be applying a moisturizer after you cleanse your skin. If you’re using any acne creams, wait a while after you wash to minimize any irritation.

3 – Discover green tea

Countless women are fighting a constant battle against red or blotchy skin. If this sounds all too familiar, then green tea could be your perfect secret weapon. Green tea’s anti-inflammatory properties can be very soothing to a complexion that seems impossible to control.

Believe it or not, iced tea is best – hot beverages can often exacerbate redness and other symptoms of rosacea. Furthermore, the epigallocatechin (try saying that three times fast!) in green tea can offer great protection against collagen damage, which can lead to wrinkles and DNA damage in the skin usually brought on by exposure to the sun. Sub out your morning coffee for green tea, and you’ll see a difference in no time.

4 – Keep a handle on your stress

Stress isn’t just a strain on your mood; it affects pretty much every part of your body – including your skin.

When you’re stressed, you’re much more prone to acne breakouts, as stress increases the body’s production of hormones such as cortisol. This makes skin more oily and brings down its ability to fight off the bacteria that causes acne. Try learning some healthy stress-control techniques, such as yoga and meditation, or use an app to keep your stress levels in check.