30, the age that strikes fear into many people. Well, it shouldn’t because we are all ageing every day, we should celebrate that. Life should be more about enjoying every day and being happy to be alive. We should celebrate how much time we have, not how much we have left.

We can do anything we want at any age and don’t need to set goals for ourselves dependant on how old we are. Perhaps consider your age as a segment of your life, and make sure that you fill each segment with as much stuff as possible, to ensure you live your life to the fullest.

With this in mind, we thought we would compile our list of 30 things to do before 30 to help us all live a little.

Self Development

1. Learn a language

Feel a bit like Joey when it comes to French? Well learn online, book classes and get your language knowledge.

2. Make a difference

Stand for something, and protest for the things that matter.

3. Renovate, redecorate and regenerate

Get on your Pinterest and find inspiration and then get working. See some inspiration here.

4. Read books

Buy them and actually read them. You will get into it, we promise.


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5. Text people back

Seriously don’t be that person.

6. Let go

Don’t hold grudges, move on and breathe into a stress-free life.



Use some of that hard earned cash and splurge on a lust-worthy designer piece. Repeat with us; I will use it every day, I will use it every day…

Need some ideas?

8. Get into stocks and shares

Or just flick through the app on your phone whilst you indulge in another bubble bath.

9. Save some money

Seriously consider a savings account, to help you out later on.

10. Start a side hustle

Design an app, start a blog, write a book. Anything you do in your spare tree can make you serious money.



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11. Have a wardrobe clear-out

We all hoard things and let’s face it; it’s taking up room for new things! Donate things to charity, give things to friends or get it all on Depop. You will have way more fun than you think.

12. Be ambitious

Ask for that promotion, make bold career moves. Get yourself what you want.

See more of London

13. Dial up your content

Live your best Instagram life next summer and get yourself to Frank’s in Peckham. Home to the most Instagramable stairs in London, think pink on pink on pink.


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14. Go to Notting Hill Carnival

The best carnival London has to offer. Need to know what to wear, read this.

15. See some opera

London has some of the best opera houses, grab a sparkly dress and have your Pretty Woman moment.30 things to do before 30

16. Go to Kyoto Garden

Situated in Holland Park in Kensington, a little slice of Japan.

17. See some of London’s best drag acts

Head to sink the pink for a fabulous night. 

18. Have a drink at the top of the Shard

It’s expensive but worth it. If you are on a budget try the Sky Garden for similar views.


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Get Adventurous

19. Do a bungee jump or even better skydive

Who doesn’t want to jump out of a plane on a Thursday afternoon?

20. Get a tattoo

Why? Why not!


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21. Run a marathon

Sign up for the London marathon and get training.

22. Decide you NEVER want to run a marathon

23. Hot Yoga

Just do it.


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24. Say no

Live how you want to, say no when you think you shouldn’t.


25. Fly somewhere

If you haven’t been on a plane, now is the time.


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26. Go somewhere new every month

Take a leaf out of our Features Editor Char’s book. You will build up so many memories and experience at least 12 different places a year. Big or small, it really doesn’t matter.

27. Go to Paris

Head to the chicest place in the world and do as the Parisians do. Need ideas when you are there? Read this.

28. Go to Coachella

This is the perfect festival experience in California.

29: Go to Japan

Enjoy a complete culture shift, lose yourself in one of the earth’s most beautiful places. We recommend Kyoto for off the beaten track for beauty.


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30. Become a digital nomad

Make like our Editor in Chief Jodie and give it all up. Jodie gave up a job, moved out of her London apartment and donated her things to charity. She now works for herself and travels the world living a life of freedom.