If you’ve never heard of The Wright Brothers play, where have you been?

After a ton of sold out shows and a huge debut on ITV2, co-creators Ty and Ky returning to the stage this June. The Wright Brothers play is returning to Deptford’s Albany Theatre and we’re counting down three reasons you need to go.

1. A story about black love

Stories about black love are rarely seen on stage and it’s important we not only support but have platforms  and safe spaces where we share our stories but leave lasting memories for all.

2. Struggling with dating? Overwhelmed by all those online dating apps?

We are too. You may pick up some tips on how to get to date smarter, find out what you want in a partner (or not) and take the perfect profile picture. You can check out the Plus Minus fashion section for outfit inspiration in the meantime though.

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3. It’s relatable

How many times have you been to the theatre, read a book or watched a movie and thought “I appreciate this but I can’t relate”. The Wright Brothers on the other hand will make you want to get onstage and start acting like you’re in it. From the down to earth cast to the storyline (see below), it will be love at first swipe from the moment you the curtains are drawn.


Imani is on a journey to find a date for her sister’s wedding, though she’s not been interested in meeting anyone since her last relationship ended. However with only 3 weeks till the wedding the pressure from friends and family is on! Enter 3 brothers with very different characteristics: money, looks and personality, which one will win her over!

To see if love prevails, come and watch this must see production that has something for everyone and will surely leave everyone going home smiling!

Writers and directors Tyrone-Lee Davis and Kieran Shekoni (Ty and Ky Show, ITV2) have developed a show that will surely open the doors to a new, refreshing style of theatre production.


You can keep up to date with the play over on Instagram here.

The necessary details:
Address: The Albany, Douglas Way, Deptford, London SE8 4AG
Dates: Sunday 16th & Monday 17th June 2019 
Book your tickets here.