Today, I want to talk about one of my favourite activities of all time; cycling. I think it’s good for the soul and the body, greatly increasing your health & wellbeing. More to the point, I think it’s a good alternative to the gym, and here are three reasons why:

Cycling Reduces Stress

Cycling is an excellent activity for anyone suffering from stress. Far more so that going to a gym, which will put you in an enclosed and noisy environment. When you cycle, you can just pedal away without a care in the world. You can cycle for miles until you start to feel less stressed, then head back home. It’s a really good thing to do on your way back home from work after a busy day. Take the long way home, and pedal your troubles away. It’s hard to de-stress in the gym because there’s so much noise, so many people potentially watching you, and us girls can feel very self-conscious in there. If anything, it can make us more stressed!

It Gets You Out In The Open

One of the true benefits of cycling is that it gets you outside and fills your air with fresh oxygen. This is so important for keeping your health and wellbeing in good shape. Sure, a gym has all the fancy gadgets and weights, but you’re often cooped up inside, surrounded by loads of sweaty people all carrying germs. With cycling, you get to see the great outdoors and have some fun while breathing in fresh air. There are even things like coast 2 coast cycle where you can sign-up and essentially tour the whole of the UK from coast to coast. So, not only does cycling get you out in the open to feel the fresh air, but it also allows you to experience new things and go to different places. This is certainly something a gym can’t offer!

You Can Cycle Whenever, Wherever

Following on from the above point, cycling also has less structure to it than a gym membership may provide you with. When you cycle, you can pretty much do it whenever you like, wherever you are. You can cycle to and from work, you can pick up your bike on the weekend and head out for a few miles – there’s no real structure and no excuses as a result. With a gym membership, you may only be able to go to the gym at certain times. If you join one next to where you work, then you may be unable to get there on the weekends. Then, you have to factor in that gyms get busy at certain times, which puts you off going. When you cycle, there’s none of this to worry about – it’s more accessible.As such, you can cycle more, and reap all the health benefits.

It might seem like I have a vendetta against gyms seeing as we wrote another post about cancelling your gym membership last year. This isn’t the case! I’m simply giving you some extra ideas so you can feel motivated to make positive changes and improve your health.