The popularity, acceptance, and accessibility of cosmetic surgery all grow with each passing year. Although more popular with women, the number of men having cosmetic procedures has risen considerably. One of the primary reasons for the boom in cosmetic procedure popularity is the influence of social media. Some social media tells people that they should look a certain way, so they feel self-conscious. That being said, having a cosmetic procedure can improve a person’s way drastically. If you’re curious about having cosmetic procedures and want to know what’s popular, continue reading. 


Platysmaplasty is the fancy medical word to describe neck lift surgery. This type of cosmetic surgery is popular with those aged between 40 and 60. The surgery aims to rejuvenate the neck at the angle of the chin and jaw. Doing so adds facial contours and can make someone look youthful. Unfortunately, the procedure isn’t typically suitable for those with excess fat or wrinkles. However, you should speak to a professional because there may be supporting procedures like liposuction and facelifts. 

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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is the name given to breast enlargement surgery. This type of surgery was the most common 2019 cosmetic surgery in the UK, with 6,900 surgeries according to BAAPS. There are many reasons why people choose to have breast augmentation including replacements, enlargements, and making breasts match in size. Further, there are some medical conditions including congenital micromastia, which points to underdevelopment through puberty. 

Usually, you will have a consultation with your clinician to go over your options. One of the most popular choices for breast augmentation is silicone implants. Once you’ve had your surgery, there will often be a two-week minimum recovery period until normal daily activities can start. For exercise and other intense activities, you will need to wait longer. 


Liposuction is another popular procedure in the UK that involves sucking fat from targeted areas of the body. The most common type is tumescent liposuction, which involves making the site numb by injecting saline. Finally, the fat and saline are withdrawn from the body through a cannula. Alternatively, people get ultrasonic-assisted liposuction (UAL). This involves melting the fat from the inside using the cannula.

Typically, the safest option is tumescent liposuction. For both methods, patients are usually able to return to usual activity after a few days. 

Cosmetic surgery is growing in popularity every year. People have surgeries done for many different reasons including feeling self-conscious and medical conditions. The most popular surgery in the UK is breast augmentation. When it comes to finding a clinic, you should find one that makes your comfort their primary goal. Having cosmetic surgery can improve your way of life. If you think it’s for you, you should book a consultation to discuss your options.