You can’t seem to scroll through Instagram these days without seeing that perfect cup of coffee or that perfect sliced avocado on sourdough toast. Do you want to get a slice of the action? We do too, we love nothing more than getting that perfect flat-lay (or trying to at least) before inhaling our meal like there’s no tomorrow at these instagrammable London cafes.

1. Elan Cafe

Elan Cafe has two branches in luxurious Knightsbridge and opposite Hyde Park on Park Lane. Anything with a floral wall, kitsch cutlery and neon signs is sure to have a queue wrapped round the block and we can certainly see why.

TGIF, Elan style! 🍴

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The lovely looking gorgeous by our famous Elan bike 💖

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You can’t beat some neon inspo ✨

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Elan have two branches, one on Park Lane opposite Hyde Park and the other on Brompton Road. We love their extensive hot drink menu, especially the ‘alternative lattes’, you’ll be seeing them on an Instagram feed near you in no time.

Get there early (or late evening) to avoid the queues.

2. Peggy Porschen

Scroll through your favourite blogger’s Instagram feed and there is no doubt they have a full length outfit shot at none other than Peggy Porschen.

Just like Elan Cafe, its hard to walk right into Peggy Porschen without queuing as they don’t take reservations, but we promise you its worth the wait. Located a short walk away from Victoria and Sloane Square stations, the best time to visit is when everyone is   at work.

A little on the pricey side, we’d suggest heading to this pink fuelled cafe after payday for a spot of indulgence, a mini-Instagram photoshoot and more cake than you can eat. Eat your heart out Marie Antoinette.

3. Palm Vaults

Palm Vaults in East London’s Hackney borough just might be our favourite on this list. It’s dog-friendly, a laptop free zone (sometimes you just have to enjoy each other’s company) and with a wide selection of vegan and gluten-free options, everyone is catered for.

With palm trees emblazoned on their coffee cups, you’ll be feeling more Miami than Mile End in no time.

Again, Palm Vaults is another cafe that does not take reservations, but if you’re able to get down there, they have their own merchandise on offer. You too can get a slice of the action without leaving your sofa. Sorted.

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