It’s that time of year when we start to think ahead. When we were younger, it was all about the new school year. Crisp notebooks, sharp pencils and uniforms that were slightly on the big side. Now, September is still a time of new starts with Fashion Month in full flow and the new year on the horizon.

If you’re planning a wedding in 2019, however, there’s a good chance you began thinking ahead a while ago. But it’s never too late for some inspiration. And if you’re still in the early stages of planning, here are 10 of the top wedding themes for 2019 to help you while looking for wedding venues, dresses and everything else.

1.  Rustic

Barn weddings are becoming more popular than ever, and that’s not going to change in 2019. Escape to the countryside for a truly intimate day with earthy accents and a very British touch.

2. Travel 

Your wedding should suit your personality, and jet-setters will love a compass sticker here and a photo passport there. Whether you’re heading further afield or celebrating closer to home, it’s all in the details.

3. Classic elegance 

Minimalist couples look no further – this one’s for you. Think high quality, simple and free of any unnecessary frills.

4. Nature 

Nature is good for our health and good for our souls, so what better way to seal your marriage than surrounded by it? You don’t have to be getting married in the country to enjoy being surrounded by the birds and the bees.

5. Fairytale 

If you’ve always dreamed of a fairytale wedding, you’ll be pleased that they’re not going out of style yet. In fact, they’re getting a grown-up makeover for 2019. Think scrolled invites, minimalist white bunting and just the right amount of gold.

6. Glamour 

If you can’t go all out on your wedding day, when can you? A big wedding will always be in fashion, so don’t hold back. Whether you want crystals on the dining tables or gold garlands in every room, nothing says “big day” like a little bit of glamour.

7. Romantic hearts 

Marriage is the ultimate symbol of love, so why not surround yourself with hearts as you celebrate your forever love for each other? Go for gold, silver and white to keep it adult-appropriate and avoid looking like a teenage girl’s diary.

8. Garden party

Whether you’re celebrating in a garden or not, a garden party theme is a classic way to celebrate. Keep it casual with an elegant picnic for food or turn it into a fancy Japanese garden. Pretty much anything goes with this one!

9. Bohemian 

Whimsical and serene, a bohemian themed wedding is the ultimate way to keep the big day on the understated side. And it’s a theme that’s going to be bigger than ever in 2019!

10. Industrial chic 

If you want to lead a trend with more than just your dress, industrial chic is the wedding theme you need to know about. Think arty accessories, hipster fonts and table decorations that look like they’re straight out of a Mayfair restaurant.