Is your job not paying enough, or do you want to make a little extra on the side to fund next year’s travels? You could use your passions and talents to make an income with our six easy tips. You’ll be turning your bank account from minus to plus in no time…

1 – Figure Out Your Skills and Talents

Are you exceptionally good at piano or a dab hand in the kitchen? Think about sharing your gift of knowledge and teaching. These can easily fit around your lifestyle and day job if you know how to manage your time. Think about setting aside one or two evenings every week or one day out of the weekend to deliver your classes. Alternatively, you may be good at making things, like jewellery, but making things takes up time, so again think about dedicating a weekend a month to this. You can then spend the rest of the time selling your designs online or in person.

2 – Filling The Gap

You may doubt yourself (don’t worry it’s normal) and think how am I ever going to make an income on the side? But, if you are able to do something well, you are already halfway there. Perhaps your designs use recycled products or your cakes don’t contain any dairy products? These are both niches that someone is always searching for. The main thing is finding your customer and letting new ones find you.

3 – Does It Fit In with Your Lifestyle?

Your sidehustle could be blogging and if you’re like Features Editor, Charlotte, you can make this fit in to your lifestyle. Making the most of your city from eating your way through it, attending events will make it not seem like a chore in the slightest. If you enjoy doing something and it honestly makes you happy, it will fit naturally into your lifestyle.

4 – Focus That Group…

To make sure you’re targeting the right audience or customer, it’s important to put your business hat on and do a little market research. You would be the closest person to your product or skill so it’d be hard to look at it with an ‘objective’ hat on. If your passion is baking, whip up a few cakes, gather some colleagues, friends or family and ask them for their honest feedback. To keep feedback anonymous, ask for feedback via a Survey Monkey questionnaire or a suggestions box. You can then figure out where you’re going wrong (or right).

5 – Go Social

Having a social media presence is key to letting customers know you’re out there but as is implementing yourself in your local community. Make sure to figure out your branding, direction and look and feel of your business (or skill) before you reach this point as disorgansation can look unprofessional. We recommend using Canva to start with as it has a host of templates available for social media, leaflets and business cards.

6 – Take A Risk and Go For It

We only regret the decisions we didn’t make, right? Life is too short to sit on an idea, so you’ll never know if you don’t try. On a grown up note, make sure to declare any extra income with HMRC and ensure you have necessary insurance plans in place.

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