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The new year is just a great way of ushering small changes that will make a huge difference, and allow you to benefit. So if you are looking for juice cleansing recipes and fat busting workouts, you better find another article, because we believe in resolutions that we will actually stick too.

9 New Years Resolutions That Don’t Suck

The New Year is fast approaching, and it is time to think about how we can all be brand new better people, NOT. Seriously if you believe that rubbish, then we cannot help you. There is no massive change that occurs between the 31st of December and t... Read More

Relaxing at Rush Hair Salon

  Friday nights are synonymous with cravings for cocktails and letting your hair down, but instead why not let your hair down at the hairdressers? Featur... Read More
increase confidence at work

6 ways to increase your confidence at work

The Gender Pay gap, the #MeToo movement - the headlines are dominated by women’s voices against inequality in the workplace. The glass ceiling may not be smashed but it’s cracking. Despite this, there’s one issue that can stop women from reaching the... Read More
This week we are in conversation with Kirk and Kirk. An eyewear company synonymous for their experimental use of colour, and sympathetic and creative frame shapes within the eyewear industry.

Style Secrets with Kirk & Kirk

We all know someone who has serious style. To save you the task of scrolling several Instagram accounts to save all their outfits to recreate at a later date, w... Read More